A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on July 11

Newspapers on Monday covered the glorious funeral ceremony held for the renowned filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami in Tehran.

Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal’s attendance and the speech he delivered in a meeting of MKO group in Paris also received great coverage. The reactions to his attendance and the criticisms against Saudi Arabia’s support for such a terrorist group were highlighted in Iranian media.

The issue of astronomical salaries also remained a top story thanks to the recent apology of Economy Minister Ali Tayyebnia, and the promises for further transparency.

President Hassan Rouhani’s communication of a law for reforming the country’s banking system was also covered by newspapers.

The above issues as well as many more are highlighted in the following headlines:



1- Egyptian Army Kills ISIS Commander in Sinai

2- Gaza Siege Will End Soon Thanks to Efforts by Qatar and Turkey: Hamas


Aftab-e Yazd:

1- Leader Appreciates Selfless Fire-Fighters and Executives in Bou Ali Petchem Complex Case

2- Zarif Should Mediate between Salehi [nuclear chief] and President Rouhani: Zibakalam

3- Fourth Apology: Ministers of Economy and Judiciary Apologize for Issue of Astronomical Salaries


Arman-e Emrooz:

1- Kiarostami Escorted to His ‘Eternal Home’: Glorious Funeral Ceremony for Acclaimed Filmmaker

2- Details of Terrorist Attack on Iranian MP: Falahatpisheh and Local Governor Were Wounded, 2 Others Were Killed

3- Saudi Prince Reveals Death of MKO Leader Rajavi




1- Heart Attack Is the First Cause of Death among Iranians: Deputy Health Minister

2- A Few Steps Left to Int’l Registration of Iranian Aqueducts and Lut Desert




1- 1 Trouble Every 4 Days! A Report on 80 Accidents and Troubles in Rouhani’s Administration in Past 1 Year

2- People Were Disturbed [by issue of huge salaries], I Apologize: Economy Minister

3- There Is a Project to Make Iran Insecure, and We Should Take It Seriously [Editorial]

4- Huge Fire in a Commercial Tower in Mashhad

5- Fifth Ranger Shot by Hunters: Troubles of a Ranger




1- Plan for Evolution of Banking System Is Beginning of Economic Mobility: President

2- ISIS Shoots Down Russian Chopper Using American Missiles

3- We’ll Stand by Iraqi Nation and Gov’t until Full Eradication of Terrorists: Zarif

4- President Rouhani Calls for Efforts to Protect Privacy of Cell Phone Users

5- 150 Killed in Armed Clashes in South Sudan




1- Glory of Grief: A Report on Abbas Kiarostami’s Funeral Ceremony in Tehran

2- Traditional Conservatives Support President Rouhani [in next year’s elections]

3- Rouhani’s Manifest for Evolution of Banking System Unveiled in High Council of Economy




1- Economic Boom Begins: Most Important Financial and Monetary Package Communicated by Rouhani

2- Parliament’s Research Centre Studying New Models for Military Service

3- Why Iranian Social Media Are Not Popular

4- Less Than 3% of Unconventional Salaries Belong to Rouhani’s Administration: Justice Minister

5- Multi-Billion-Dollar Offense of Previous Gov’t in Foreign Deposits: First VP



Jame Jam:

1- Al Terror: Turki Faisal Starts New Phase of Support for Terrorism by Attending MKO Meeting

2- 33% Decrease in Crime Rate during Ramadan




1- Saudi Arabia Walking on Saddam Hussein’s Path: Saudis Seek to Create Iranian ISIS Using MKO’s Leftover; A Secular ISIS after an Ideologue One

2- Cutting the Defence Budget or Offering JCPOA 2 to Westerners?

3- Lawsuit Should Be Filed against US Shoot-Down of Iran Air Flight 655

4- Iran’s Advisory Aid to Iraq and Syria Will Continue: Shamkhani



Jomhouri Eslami:

1- President Starts Reforming Iran’s Banking System

2- Iraqi MPs Praise Iran’s Strategic Role in Maintaining Regional Stability

3- Iranian Expatriates in US, with $800bn of Capital, Are Keen to Return Home

4- MKO, a New Bait for Saudi Arabia [Editorial]




1- Bitter Fruit of Aristocrat Management: From [fugitive banker] Khavari and Zanjani to Astronomical Salaries

2- Assad Removed Erdogan from Regional Equations through His 5-Year Resistance

3- Deputy Oil Minister: We’ve Shared Information of Joint Oilfields with Foreigners!

4- US Police Arrests 100 Black Protesters: We Are Unique in Violence, Obama Says

5- We’re Still Faced with Sanctions: First VP




1- President Rouhani Should Renounce His Brother: Cleric

2- End of American Black Community’s Patience

3- US Violation of Its Commitments Is Consequence of 2009 Sedition




1- The Astringent Taste of Farewell: Kiarostami Escorted on People’s Shoulders to “Friend’s House”




1- Wedding Ceremonies for 7 to 11-Year-Old Girls in a Village: Forced Marriage Forces Girls to Leave the School

2- Repercussions of 8 Years of Administrative Chaos [under Ahmadinejad]

3- [Iranian footballer] Sardar Azmoun’s Dream Comes True: President Rouhani Invites Him for a Meeting

4- We Were Trapped by Terrorists: MP Who Escaped Assassination




1- Who Caused $80bn Damage to Iran




1- Beyond Crisis: Fresh Wave of Dust Pollution Coming to Iran

2- Don’t Eat in Front of TV or Computer



Vatan-e Emrooz:

1- Benefits of WTO Accession: ‘Almost Nothing’!

2- Terror Make-Up in Paris: Saudi Arabia Shows Its Support for Terrorist Group MKO

By Iran Front Page