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Iran, Turkey affirm favorable prospect for bilateral coop.

ANKARA, Jul. 09 (MNA) – Iranian ambassador to Ankara and head of Turkey’s Directorate for Religious Affairs (Diyanet) met in the Turkish capital on Fri. to confer on most notable issues of common interest.

During the meeting with top Turkish cleric Mehmet Görmez, Iranian ambassador to Ankara Ebrahim Taherian highlighted the favorable prospect of cooperation between the two countries in political, economic and cultural fields, adding “presidents of Iran and Turkey have set their sights on boosting trade transactions up to $30 billion and we need to make every effort to achieve this end.”

The Iranian ambassador also touched upon the recent terrorist attacks in Turkey, Iraq and Syria, saying “the security of the region, and especially the security of Turkey, is of high significance for Iran. Terrorists have trespassed all boundaries and redlines.”

Taherian further stressed the need for joint cooperation in combating terrorism, adding “an effective fight against terrorism and extremism will only be possible through unity among Islamic countries, and Iran and Turkey each play a prominent role in this regard.”

Mehmet Görmez, for his part, underscored the significance of promoting relations and cooperation between Iran and Turkey, saying “by developing cooperation and common synergy, we can participate toward leading the Middle East and the Islamic world out of the current crisis, and establish peace and stability in the region.”

“Turkey will spare no effort in expanding friendship and fraternity among the Muslim countries in the region,” he stressed.

Mehmet Görmez as the head of the Directorate for Religious Affairs (Diyanet) holds the position of the highest level Islamic cleric in Turkey.

By Mehr News Agency

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