Iran test-fires artillery rockets in missile drill

Iran Coverage: Iran to Merkel: Missile work to continue

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Tehran: Merkel’s comments on Iran missile program ‘unconstructive’

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday rejected latest comments made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Iran’s missile program describing them as ‘unconstructive’.

Iran’s petchem complex to resume operation within weeks: Minister

The Iranian minister of petroleum says the country’s Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical Complex in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, which was hit by a raging fire earlier this week, will resume its operation within the next few weeks.

Conspiracy incipient against Iran’s nuclear industry

Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has said Iran recognizes JCPOA and will not be the initiator of any JCPOA violation.

Fire in petchem facility leaving no injured

Head of the Health and Medication Department in Ahvaz and Mahshahr Oil Industry Farhad Kalantari says his office is well-prepared to ship aid to those likely injured in Abu Ali Sina Plant inferno.

Iran’s fugitive banker expanding presence in Canada real estate business: Report

Mahmoud Reza Khavari, a former top Iranian banker who fled to Canada after committing a massive fraud, has purchased at least $12.1-million worth of properties under various names and legal entities in Toronto, a report said.

Commander: Iranian navy to stage massive ‘Velayat’ drills mid Winter

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced that his forces plan to stage massive wargames in the international waters in mid winter.

Washington will have to pay dearly if it breaches JCPOA: Iran nuclear official

Iran’s top nuclear official has stressed the Islamic Republic’s strong commitment to the nuclear agreement struck between Iran and six world countries in July 2015, warning the United States about the negative repercussions of violating the deal.

West creates negative atmosphere against Iran missile program

Western powers once again create negative atmosphere against Iran missile program to justify US failure to meet JCPOA undertakings, ignoring the deployment of missile system in East Europe.

Iran not tried to violate nuclear deal; US official

The United States has no information that Iran tried to procure materials that would violate the 2015 Joint Plan of Comprehensive Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal, US Department of State spokesperson John Kirby said in a press briefing on Friday.

Double standards, violation of human rights in US

Poking its nose into other countries’ internal affairs and portraying itself as “cradle of liberty” and “democracy”, the United States is accused of double standards on human rights-related issues.