Jahangiri: Executive measures taken to enforce president’s directives

Tehran, July 8, IRNA — First Vice-President Es’haq Jahangiri announced on Friday that executive measures were taken to enforce president’s nine-point directives and guidelines of the Supreme Leader to uproot financial corruption from the executive branch of government.

Jahangiri presented a report on executive measures to prevent corruption in administrative system demanded by the Supreme Leader and President Hassan Rouhani.

Jahangiri said that mechanism for unconventional payments were annulled and legal action was taken to extradite the payments from the senior officials and their dismissal for responsibility to violate the customary law.

He assured that the unconventional payments in the administrative system is something exceptional and it is limited to a few persons and financial organs.

Jahangiri said that the rest of managers and directors of the executive branch of government steer clear of such corruption.
This is the first time that the corrupt managers are being forced to resign in the history of the Islamic Revolution.

The Islamic Republic’s norm of conduct with the corrupt managers brought to the governing system by the Islamic Revolution has always been to overlook their theft.

The Islamic Republic of Iran monopolized the economy and gave the helm of the great enterprises to corrupt people.

The enterprises used to belong to the people before victory of the Islamic Revolution and they were operating as real private sector not the fake private sector created by the governing system under administration of certain individuals who are Jack of all trades for the Islamic Republic over the past 37 years.

The government is unable to employ the young graduates who have passed their military service looking for jobs and gives administration of the great enterprises to the retired members of certain organs.