Bahram Qassemi

Iran: Construction of new Israel settlements must be stopped

Tehran, July 7, IRNA – Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly condemned construction of new Zionist settlements on the Occupied Territories, calling for urgent international efforts to stop them.

By continuing such actions, the Zionist occupiers are making fun of the international regulations and agreements, Bahram Qassemi, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman said on Thursday.

‘They should be stopped as soon as possible,’ Qassemi said, referring to the Zionist construction of new settlements.

He urged the vigilant conscience and international bodies and organizations to do something to allay the sufferings of the Palestinians who are living under the Zionist occupation.

The Zionist regime is reportedly preparing to construct 800 new settlements on the Palestinian soil.

This is against the legal principles, international regulations and the United Nations resolutions, the spokesman said.