Israel behind anti-Islam propaganda in US: Analyst

The extent of aggression used against a UAE businessman, arrested in the US as a Daesh suspect and later released, is the result of anti-Islam ideas promulgated by pro-Zionist media outlets in the United States, says a political analyst.

Mark Glenn made the remarks Monday when asked about Ahmed al-Menhali, 41, who was thrown to the ground and handcuffed by police in the Cleveland suburb of Avon on June 29 when the sister of a woman working as a hotel clerk called police to report that an Arab man at the hotel in “full head dress” had pledged allegiance to ISIL. Avon police released al-Menhali after realizing their mistake.

He was traveling to Cleveland to seek medical treatment after suffering from a stroke in his country. Moments after he was released, al-Menhali collapsed to the ground and was taken to the nearest hospital.

According to Glenn said the “aggressive arrest” is “regrettable” and “we obviously would sympathize with what he went through.”

“At the same time, however, I would say that this is perfectly predictable and expectable in the United States.”

“For people who are hearing about events like this, reading about them from afar, you really have to be here in the United States to see for yourself, what the political environment has become with regards to the anti-Islamic hysteria that literally is poured into the collective consciousness of Americans, 25 out of every 24 hours in a day,” the Idaho-based journalist told Press TV.

“All we see here in the United States with regards to Islam in the Middle East is violence and of course the completely taken out of context and misquoted sections of the Quran which these Zionist operatives use as “proof” showing that Islam is a violent religion therefore the only remedy to dealing with this is for America to commit herself 100 percent to fighting not terrorism, but literally a billion and half Muslims around the world,” he stated.

Harassment against Muslims in the United States has increased in recent months after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed in December to ban Muslims from entering the country.

By Press TV