Iraqi forces start military operations to win back key region near Ramadi city

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraq’s joint military forces started fresh military operations to seize back a strategic area in the Northern part of the city of Ramadi on Tuesday.

“The Iraqi forces kicked off their military operations to take control of al-Zankoureh region in Northern Ramadi,” the Arabic-language media quoted Commander of Anbar Liberation Operations Esmayeel al-Mahlavi as saying on Tuesday.

The Iraqi security forces, counterterrorism department and the country’s federal police have joined hands to seize back al-Zankoureh region.

On Saturday, Iraqi army launched a military operation to liberate al-Khalediya from ISIL terrorists.

Mahlavi, in a statement, said, the Iraqi army’s Tenth Division is leading the extensive military operation to liberate al-Khalediya Island (23 km East of Ramadi) from ISIL control, adding that, although these is a resistance by the terrorist group, Iraqi forces are making advances in reaching their specified targets.

On Sunday, the Iraqi army forces and its allies launched a series of preemptive attacks against the ISIL positions in the volatile province of al-Anbar in the Western parts of the country.

During the operations in al-Jawa’enah region in Western Anbar, the Iraqi troops killed 6 ISIL terrorists and destroyed a vehicle carrying Katyusha and a large amount of military equipment.

Also, in another offensive, the Iraqi fighter jets targeted a plant and a large cache of bombs and military equipment belonging to the ISIL as well as several bases and positions of the terrorist group in Doulab region.

A military source also said that the Iraqi forces seized a large amount of military equipment and bombs and over 100 missiles at Amniyah district in the town of Heet, Northwest of the provincial capital city of Ramadi.

A top ISIL military commander was killed during the operation launched by the Iraqi army near the city of al-Khalediya in the Iraqi province of Anbar on Sunday, a commander of the Iraqi army’s operations in the Western province said.

“Iraqi Army with the support of the Iraqi Air Force and the international coalition’s aircraft managed to kill ten ISIL militants in al-Khalediya, including one of the ISIL leaders, nom de guerre Abu Safha Libi,” said commander of the Iraqi army’s operations in Anbar Esmayeel Mahlavi.

By Fars News Agency