The Iran deal at one year: Reality vs. the promises

To mark the first anniversary of President Obama’s deal with Iran, the folks at the Foreign Policy Initiative have just published a comprehensive compilation of promises vs. results. It’s a devastating roundup.

FPI’s Tzvi Kahn notes what Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and other top officials promised at the time would happen if the deal went through — in contrast with what we know now.

The level of willful deceit from Team Obama is horrifying. For example:

  • Under the deal, Obama said, “We will, for the first time, be in a position to verify all of [Iran’s] commitments.” A year later, we have less information about Iran’s nuclear activities than we did before the pact.


  • Washington will get full access to any military and “suspicious” location; Iran’s failure to allow it would result in a “snap back” of sanctions, said Kerry. Huh: The deal turns out to include an unprecedented arrangement that relies on Iran to “self-inspect” its Parchin military complex. Iran continues to deny access to Parchin and other key sites, citing the agreement to let it self-inspect.

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