Hezbollah: Eradicating tumor of terrorism needs public solidarity

Beirut, July 5, IRNA – The Hezbollah of Lebanon said the Monday evening terrorist crimes in Saudi Arabia have once more stressed that a new and different treatment is needed for the dangerous cholera of terrorism based on public and political solidarity.

Releasing a statement on Tuesday, Hezbollah of Lebanon strongly condemned the fatal terrorist explosions which rocked three cities in Saudi Arabia on Monday including one that occurred near the holy Prophet’s Mosque in the city of Medina in west of that country.

The two other explosions occurred near a Shia mosque in eastern city of Qatif.

The explosions hit one of the holiest places in the land of holy Shrines in one of the holiest times; i.e. the last day of the fasting month of Ramadhan, said the statement, adding that it was another indication that the terrorists have targeted what is sacred for all Muslims and that they are to disrespect all days and places that are considered holy to all Muslims.

The most important signal sent by those terrorist attacks is that the terrorists are, by no means, related to the Islamic Ummah (nations) or the kind religion of Islam, read the Hezbollah statement.

The crimes committed by terrorists in Saudi Arabia are the continuation of a series of fatal attacks in other parts of the world including Turkey, Iraq, Bangladesh and Lebanon, it added.

The statement urged the regional and international bodies to reconsider their views and positions regarding the issue of terrorism, providing financial, military, media and political supports it receives as well as covering up and justifying its terrible crimes in the region, particularly now that a number of its regional supporters have turned into its victims.

The world is facing a true test to show how well it can stay united against terrorism, Hezbollah stressed.