Lebanese-Syrian company keen on building Chabahar int’l airport

Chabahar, June 29, IRNA – Managers of a Lebanese-Syrian bi-national company voiced readiness on Wednesday to construct Chabahar international airport.

Managing Director of Chabahar international Free Trade Zone (FTZ) Hamed Ali Mobaraki said that negotiations for construction of the international airport and solar installations are now underway.

Upon agreement signed by the two sides, construction of the airport which won financial support of European Union and will be in line with AGL standards is due to be carried out in Chabahar FTZ.

AGL team will visit Iran within 15 days to conduct details of feasibility studies for construction of the airport, he said.

Following implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), many investment companies have negotiated with Chabahar FTZ to conduct big projects as well as construct international airport but all remained unfinished, he said.

It will take two years to construct the international airport, he said.