Ayatollah Araki: Islamic unity, hardest blow to Israel regime

AhlulBayt News Agency – Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought detailed his views international Al Quds Day stressing Islamic unity as the most important factor to foil hostile plots.

He referred to rational and religious aspect of Islamic unity and noted when the Islamic society is shaken, then its honor is questioned and that is when enemies invade values, identity and lands of the Islamic countries.

Cleric highlighted psychological confrontation with the enemies as one of the most important ways to stand against enemies and said;” Muslim unity can bring one of the strongest blows to the Zionist regime shaking and beating the illegal regime in psychological confrontation.”

Member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts added,” Illegal regime of Israel is temporarily standing on its feet even with supports by world arrogant powers and some regional countries; hence, if we intend to stem the Zionist regime we have to maintain our Islamic unity.”

Iranian scholar called Palestine as a unifying umbrella for all walks of life in the Islamic society and said,” illegal regime of Quds is a regime which is hostile towards the whole world of Islam and is in a discriminate war with both Shia and Sunni.”

“First we should stay united since we share the same enemy.”Ayatollah Araki noted adding,” This solidarity will bring glory for the whole world of Islam and failure for enemies besides that it will prevent infiltration of the enemies into our community.”

Iranian cleric expressed regret over the crimes committed by Takfiri (excommunication) groups and said,” When enemies cannot beat us from outside they will struggle to damage us from within our Islamic community and unfortunately Takfiri and extremist groups are bringing the hardest damage from within Muslim world; therefore, it is a duty for all of us to maintain our Islamic unity.”

He stressed,” We hope that both Shia and Sunni, Iranian and foreigner join each other anywhere in the world to participate in Al Quds Day rallies and Islamic solidarity turns to our motto for the occasion.”

Ayatollah Araki also referred to the reasons for silence of many Arab states in regards to the issue of Palestine and said,” Zionist regime of Israel was created with cooperation of some regional regimes including Saudi Arabia and had it not been for treachery of some Arab rulers in the Middle East region and their cooperation with colonial powers of the world, illegal regime of Israel would not have been born at all.”

He referred to the betrayal of some Arab rulers as the reason for generation of Israel and added,” What has created the Zionist regime maintains its survival but these countries should noted that Israel is a fatal regime and its annihilation will shake their foundations too.”