Negotiation with Georgia, Armenia to export oil products priority for Iran

TEHRAN- Holding talks with Georgia and Armenia is among top priorities of Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) to increase exports of the country’s oil products, an official in the company told Shana news agency on Monday.

Amir Vakilzadeh, the manager of exports and imports department of NIOPDC, noted that Georgia, which stands among the customers of Iranian oil, can be Iran’s gateway to European market. He added that negotiations with Armenia to enter the Georgian market are underway.

Vakilzadeh said that NIOPDC seeks new markets for its products, while preserving the market of its neighboring countries.

Exports of gasoil, as Iran’s strategic oil product, to neighboring countries and the Middle East region has been put on the agenda.

According to NIOPDC Managing Director Seyed Naser Sajjadi, replacing more gasoil with natural gas as the feedstock of power plants and industrial units, due to upsurge in the country’s natural gas output, and also implementation of fuel consumption management programs count for the upturn in the exports of gasoil, Mehr news agency reported in late April.

“Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan, and some countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus are among the buyers of Iran’s gasoil”, the senior official said adding, “Moreover, several shipments of gasoil have been sailed to international markets.”

By Tehran Times