Iran to release book on US human rights violations in 2015

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran has compiled the 2015 edition of a book on the human rights violations in the United States, an Iranian official announced.

Speaking at a round-table discussion on the terrible record of US violation of human rights, held in Iran’s northern city of Gorgan, deputy head of the Iranian Judiciary’s Human Rights Council, Kazem Gharibabadi, said the 130-page book has been compiled and is going to be released.

Enumerating the cases of Washington’s violation of human rights, both inside the US and at the international level, the official underscored that the US lacks the competence to comment on the issue of human rights and accuse Iran, itself a victim of US hostile measures, of violating human rights.

Iran’s International Human Rights Center releases annual reports on human rights violations in the US.

In the 2014 edition, the Tehran-based rights group compiled a list, including the US violation of prisoners’ rights, breach of privacy rights, violation of the rights of minorities, breaches of immigrants’ rights, racial discrimination, violation of children’s rights, violation of freedom of speech, and sexual violence against women in the American society.

The United States, which has already been criticized for politicizing the issue of human rights, is one of the major self-proclaimed defenders of human rights.

Excessive use of force by the US police against protesters, people of color in particular, are among the thorny issues staining the country’s rights record.

By Tasnim News Agency