Iran third big oil exporter to Turkey

Ankara, June 22, IRNA – Iran by exporting 5.6 million tons of crude oil to Turkey became the third big exporter to that country in 2015.

Turkey imported 25 million and 64,776 tons of crude oil last year, of which 11,409,810 tons from Iraq, 3,102,612 tons from Russian Federation and 2,379,325 tons from Saudi Arabia.

In addition to the crude oil, Turkey imported 2,644,748 tons of diesel and 1,272,954 tons of other oil products from Russia, which totalled 7,026,314 tons, so Russia became the second largest exporter to Turkey.

Considering report of EPDK, Turkey has imported 1,876,807 tons diesel from the Zionist regime in 2015.

Totally, Turkey imported 39,637,998 tons oil and oil products, of which 25,064,776 tons were crude oil, 11,884,892 tons diesel, 919,709 tons fuel oil, 180,571 fuel for planes, 75,954 tons fuel for maritime transport and 1,512,096 tons other oil products in 2015.

By reduction of oil price in world markets, Turkey increased its oil imports by 43.41 percent in comparison with preceding year in 2015.

Turkey imports more than 93 percent of its oil needs and almost all its gas from abroad and in the year 2014 the country spent around $60 billion on its energy.