Iran has approved imports of Chevrolet cars

Government announces new vehicle import ruling

The government has announced a new ruling regarding certain imported cars.

The administration has ruled that “all vehicles imported to Iran under a valid order issued in the import order placement system of the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade may be discharged.”

The statement, which has led to much speculation, was released during a recent meeting presided over by the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade and is aimed at sorting out the affairs of illegal car imports, Mehr News Agency reported.

The import of certain cars is legally banned in Iran and the ministry’s import order placement system has recently been updated to prevent the registration of import request for these models.

The ban affects vehicles with engines larger than 2.5 liters as well as American brands and cars that to do not conform with the country’s environmental standards.

Local media outlets have speculated that the latest statement released by the government implies that any such imported cars may enter the country as long as their orders had been registered before the system update.

This new ruling, according to segments of the local press, might have been announced to settle the prolonged dispute over the import of Chevrolets.

A total of 200 Chevrolets were expected in Iran, including the Trax and Aveo models with engine capacities ranging from 1,400 to 1,800 cc.

On June 20, however, following the order of the Minister of Industries, Mining and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, 24 Chevrolets were removed from the list of vehicles awaiting import.

The administration’s new ruling could potentially allow 200 Chevrolets to enter the country.

Farhad Ehteshamzad, the head of Iran’s Automobile Importers Association, however, was quick to note that the new ruling “has nothing to do with the import or discharge of American cars and the ban on Chevrolet imports remains,” Fars News Agency reported.

The official noted that the new ruling concerns environmental standards and will not affect the import of cars that have been banned under the country’s macro policies. He stressed that Chevrolets that had previously entered the customs via South Korea have been rejected and must be returned.

By Financial Tribune