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French industrial giant Lafarge paid taxes to ISIS

The world’s leading building materials company Lafarge paid taxes to the ISIS/ISIL in 2013-2014 to continue operations in northern Syria, reports Le Monde.

The newspaper claims Lafarge’s plant was located in Jalabiya in northern Syria, controlled by ISIS militants. The company had sought to continue the work as long as possible despite dangerous and unstable environment. Lafarge started working in Syria in 2010, a year before the war broke out.

Le Monde says Lafarge made a deal with ISIS and the terrorists allowed the French to operate on their territory. The company’s trucks could pass through the checkpoints set by the ISIS, for example, the paper reports.

Lafarge is the world leader in building materials and one of the biggest players in cement, aggregates and concrete businesses.

The French cement producer was indirectly funding the terrorists for over a year before ISIS seized the site on September 19, 2014.

 In February 2015, the area was taken by Kurdish YPG militia and is now used as a base for US, French and British special forces that support the Kurds in their fight against the terrorists, according to the media.
By American Herald Tribune
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