Calligraphy, calligram in art event

The 4th edition of ‘Art Ceremony’ will be held from June 22 to July 1 at the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) in Tehran.

This year’s edition will focus on two branches of art, calligraphy and calligram (calligraphy-painting), unlike the earlier events which included all visual art mediums, Honaronline reported.

As the earlier editions saw more works from contemporary and modern art which have a “specific audience”, therefore, this year “we chose calligraphy and calligram, a traditional branch, to attract more visitors,” said Fatemeh Kafizadeh, event secretary.

Works of art in the two selected fields will go on the gallery walls separately, to help the visitors distinguish between the styles. “I can still see some visitors who don’t believe these two branches are different and regard it as one.”

“Calligram is painting, in which the scripts appear as only a decorative figure, but in the other style, the calligraphy script is based more on painting strategies,” Kafizadeh explained.

The works are mostly inspired from poetic and Qur’anic verses and names of God, although this edition has not defined a specific theme so that the artworks can be in a wider range of styles and content, she said.

Over 100 items by 54 artists will go on display. The works of the late veteran artists Faramarz Pilaram (1937-1983) and Reza Mafi (1943-1984) and Mohammad Ahsaei, Jalil Rasouli, Ahmad Ariamanesh, Amir Sadeq-Tehrani, Mojtaba Zamani and Jamshid Hakimi are among those that will be featured.
All the exhibited works are for sale.

By Financial Tribune