Iran foils several terrorist attacks

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced on Monday its agents have thwarted a major plot by the Takfiri-Wahhabi groups for several terrorist attacks in Tehran and a number of other provinces, with terrorists arrested and a large amount of bombs and explosive material confiscated.

According to a statement by the Intelligence Ministry, the Takfiri-Wahhabi terrorist groups had masterminded a major plot to carry out a series of bombing raids in several locations across the capital of Iran, specifically during the upcoming events in the holy month of Ramadan.

Thanks to the efforts by the intelligence forces in Tehran and a number of other provinces, the devil plots by the Takfiri terrorists were thwarted, the terrorists were arrested and a number of bombs -ready for blast- and a huge amount of explosive material were confiscated, it added.

The Intelligence Ministry also noted that investigations inside and outside the country and interrogation of the terrorists are still underway, and more information will be made public after the security conditions are met.

By Tasnim News Agency