Indian journalist: Iran’s membership in SCO will enhance regional security

New Delhi, June 20, IRNA – A senior Indian journalist believes that Iran’s full flagged membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will enhance the security and stability in the region.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA here, Miss Arti Bali of the international desk of one of India’s biggest media groups “the Sahara Media Group”, said: “a full flagged membership in the SCO will make Iran an integral part of the organization’s security structure and this will enhance security not only in Iran but also in entire region through minimizing the possibility of occurrence of the political and armed conflicts in the Persian Gulf.”

“Containing the political and armed unrests and conflicts in the Persian Gulf like the one currently going on between Iran and some Arab states particularly the Saudi Arabia is highly important for Iran. After Iran’s inclusion in the SCO, these unrests will also concern the organization’s other member states and this will reduce the chance for occurrence of such flare ups.” She added.

On the impact of Iran’s SCO membership on stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan, the seasoned analyst of the world affairs said: “Iran is facing lots of problems along its long border with Afghanistan and Tehran is concerned more than any nation in the world over the situation in Afghanistan. Iran’s full fanged membership in the SCO will enhance the organization’s efforts to ensure the security and stability in Afghanistan.”

On the possible stances of the SCO member states on Iran’s joining the regional body, Miss Arti Bali said: “given Iran’s strategically important geographical location and its important role in the region, China and Russia have already welcomed Iran’s full flagged membership in the SCO and its other members shall not have any problem with it.”

“By signing 17 agreements worth of over $600 during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Iran in January, China has emerged as a major trade partner of Iran. Iran is also a crucial link in the Chinese project of “New Silk Road’. Beijing, therefore, will support Iran’s full flagged membership in the SCO.” She added.

“Russia has already extended its support for the full and direct engagement of Iran with the SCO and its member states”, said the noted journalist.

Elaborating on the importance of Iran joining the SCO, Miss Arti Bali said: “Due to the international sanctions on Iran, a large number of economic and logistics projects in the region such as the International North-South Transportation Corridor have been blocked. Iran’s joining to the SCO would help the organization to revive them”.