Foreign Ministry: No change in Iran’s Syria policies

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian foreign ministry dismissed media reports claiming that the country has changed its policies over Syria, reiterating opposition to foreign interference in the Arab country.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s position on the developments in Syria has always been stable and Tehran has underlined political solution to the crisis in Syria since the beginning,” a foreign ministry source said on Saturday.

Stressing that Iran has never studied or made any decision about the future of Syria’s legal President Bashar al-Assad, the source said, “Tehran believes that only the Syrian people can decide about their future and fate and no country can restrict this right.”

In relevant remarks in March, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined the need for the Syrian people to determine their own future, and said Tehran is making every effort to make this a reality.

“We are making every effort to help the Syrian people in their drive for self-determination,” Zarif said, addressing New Zealand Institute for International Affairs in Wellington.

He warned of the spread of terrorism and the threat posed by the ISIL terrorist group to the region and the world, and added, “In a globalized world, we cannot stop the dire consequences of terrorism.”

Also in December, Zarif had called on the foreign states to pull out their feet from Syria and leave the Arab country’s people to decide their own destination.

It is the right of every single individual in Syria to determine his/her own fate without the pressure and influence from foreign countries, Zarif told reporters upon arrival in New York to participate in an international gathering on Syria.

Since the very beginning of the Syria crisis Iran has reiterated the right of just Syrian people to determine the fate and future of their country, he added.

By Fars News Agency