A look at US public crimes across the world

Tehran, June 17, The Iran Project – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has suggested holding American human rights week in Iran from this year.  United States has committed so many crimes in the 20th and 21st century that it is not strange to name a week for reviewing and investigating American crimes against humanity. Although some of these crimes were carried out by other countries but others are solely committed by the US among them is using nuclear bomb twice. This is while the US says it is the first supporter of the human rights and the US Department of State, despite America’s prevention of inspecting its own territory, annually publishes a report on human rights in other countries.

Because of the extent of these crimes, here the names of some of them are listed by year. The smaller crimes have been crossed out of the list. Also, it doesn’t include US hidden crimes against humanity.

Here is a part of US public crimes across the world:

1901 – US forces attacked Colombia

1902 – US invasion of Panama

1904 – US forces were deployed to Korea and Morocco

1905 – US forces were deployed to Honduras to suppress the country’s revolution

1905 – US forces attacked Mexico to help Dictator Porfirio Díaz suppress the country’s popular uprising

1907 – US forces attacked Nicaragua

1907 – US forces attacked the Dominican Republic to suppress people’s revolution

1907 – US forces took part in Honduras-Nicaragua war

1908 – US forces interfered in Panama’s elections
1910 – US forces were deployed to Nicaragua to suppress a coup against its government
1911 – US forces were deployed to Honduras to support the coup d’état led by Manuel Bonilla against elected President Miguel Davila

1911 – US suppression of anti-American uprising in the Philippines

1911 – US intervention in China

1912 – US forces attacked and occupied Cuba

1912 – US forces attacked Panama

1912 – US forces attacked Honduras

1912 – 1933 – US forces occupied Nicaragua

Since then, Nicaragua became a colony for the speculation of US companies. In 1914, a treaty was signed in Washington under which the United States of America was allowed to build a canal between the two oceans through the territory of Nicaragua and based on the same treaty, Violeta Chamorro was elected as the Nicaraguan President. Other agreements were also signed between the two countries that further made the Nicaraguan nation and government to enslave the US.
1914 – 1934 – After several revolutions in Haiti, US forces invaded the country, launching an occupation that would last 19 years

1916 – 1924 – US forces occupied the Dominican Republic for 8 years

1917 – 1933 – US forces occupied Cuba

1917 – 1918 – US taking part in World War I

1918 – 1922 – US intervention in Russia

1918 – 1920 – US forces were deployed to Panama

1919 – US forces were deployed to Panama

1919 – US forces were deployed to Costa Rica

1920 – US forces attacke Honduras

1920 – US forces attacked Guatemala

1921 – US supported armed groups trying to topple the government of Carlos Guerrero

1922 – US intervention in Turkey

1922 – 1927 – US forces were deployed to China

1924 – 1925 – US forces attacked Honduras

1925 – US forces attacked Panama

1926 – US forces attacked Nicaragua

1927 – 1934 – US forces occupied China

1932 – US forces attacked El Salvador

1937 – US forces attacked Nicaragua

1945 – US nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Around 220, 000 people were killed in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, most of whom were civilians. More than 100,000 were killed during the bombardment and the rest died to the end of 1945 due to destructive effects of radioactive radiation.

1947 – 1949 – US forces attacked Greece

1948 – 1953 – US forces attacked the Philippines

1950 – US forces attacked Porto Rico

1950 – 1953 – US forces attacked Korea

1953 –  US supported the August 19 coup d’état against Iran’s elected government

1958 – US forces attacked Lebanon

1958 – US forces attacked Panama

1959 – US forces were deployed to Laos

1959 – US forces attacked Haiti

1960 – US military operation in Ecuador

1960 – US forces attacked Panama

1965 – 1973 – US’s bloody aggression against Vietnam

1966 – US forces attacked Guatemala

1966 – US military support for Indonesia against the Philippines

1971 – 1973 – US forces bombarded Laos

1972 – US forces attacked Nicaragua

1980 – US military operation against Iran in Tabas known as the Operation Eagle Claw, which ended in failure.

1983 – US military intervention in Grenada

1986 – US forces attacked Libya and bombard Tripoli and Benghazi
1988 – US forces attacked Honduras

1988 – US forces attacked Iran’s passenger plane over the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 people on board

1989 – US forces suppressed unrest in Virgin Islands

1991 – US forces conducted large-scale operations in Iraq (first Persian Gulf War)

1992-1994 –  US forces occupied Somalia, treating the country’s citizens with extreme violence.

1998 – US forces attacked Sudan in which US warplanes target a pharmaceutical plant claiming that it produced the nerve gas.

1999 – US launched a war against Yugoslavia under the aegis of the NATO. The country was bombarded for 78 days and was then disintegrated.

2001 – US forces attacked and occupied Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting al-Qaeda

2003 – US forces attack and occupy Iraq without UN mandate

2011 – US forces attacked Libya following victory of the country’s revolution and the overthrow of former dictator, Muammar Gaddafi.

2011 – The United States officially supported terrorist groups in Syria to overthrow Syrian’s democratically elected government.

2011 – The United States declared official support for Bahrain’s Al Khalifa regime in its suppression of the country’s popular uprising.

2015 – The United States declared official support for Al Saud regime in its war against Yemeni Revolution.