Report: ISIL demands $100 in extorted money from Iraqis willing to leave Fallujah

TEHRAN (FNA)- The ISIL terrorist group has eased the conditions set for the exit of Iraqi citizens from Fallujah from the previous $2,500 to $100 as the Iraqi army is advancing deep in the city, media reports said.

“Each citizen of Fallujah has to pay $100 in extorted money to the ISIL in order to be allowed to safely exit the city,” the Arabic-language al-Jazeera news website reported.

The sources noted that the ISIL had set the permission fees at $5,000 in the beginning, but the terrorist group reduced it by half to $2,500 as the Iraqi joint forces made considerable advances towards Fallujah city and now it has reduced it further to $100.

The ISIL uses those residents that stay in Fallujah as human shields, preventing them from leaving the city freely.

In late May, activists released images and documents on social media networks showing a directive issued by the ISIL instructing the militants to disguise as Iraqi popular troops and kill people in Fallujah, while chanting pro-Shiite slogans to defame the Hashd Al-Shaabi forces.

The ISIL militants were also ordered to send their families to safe places outside Fallujah city, the Arabic-language media outlets reported.

The ISIL terrorists have been instructed to disguise as Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) and massacre the Iraqi civilians whom they have released from Fallujah prisons while chanting Hashd al-Shaabi slogans.

The terrorist group has also ordered its members in the directive to take videos and photographs from these fabricated and fake scenes and release them on the social media.

The Takfiri terrorist group has also threatened that any of its members that would cooperate with Hashd al-Shaabi will be executed.

By Fars News Agency