UN credibility on the line by dropping Saudi Arabia from blacklist: Expert

Tehran, June 13, The Iran Project – Removing Saudi Arabia from blacklist leads to incredibility of the UN, says Hassan Hannizadeh the Middle East Expert.

Referring to the UN’s recent action on putting Saudi Arabia in blacklist for violating children’s rights in Yemen and removing it after a few days, Hannizadeh said on Sunday that the first action was a positive point in restoration of UN’s reputation; however UN put an end to its legitimacy by taking Saudi off from the child rights blacklist.

This action demonstrates that UN and world bodies are subject to the world powers and Saudi Arabia appeals to Israeli lobby to make embassies for Israel in Persian Gulf Cooperation Council countries in order to put pressure on secretary-general, added Hannizadeh.

“UN decisions are irrational and under the influence of powerful countries and external pressures, so Ban Ki-moon’s recent action greatly damages UN’s credibility.” He reiterated.

Elsewhere, the analyst pointed to the improvement of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel during the recent months and stated that Israel embassies would be launched in Riyadh, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates very soon.

According to the UN report as published on 2 June, the Saudi Arabia-led coalition was responsible for 60% of child deaths and injuries in the Yemen conflict last year, killing 510 and wounding 667 when Saudi Arabia launched its military aggression against the country.

Last month, the Saudi-led coalition was put on a blacklist over its role in this crime by UN.

According to some diplomatic sources, Saudi Arabia and its allies have threatened to cut off funding to UN programs if the body keeps the kingdom in the blacklist.