Zarif: Hostility against Iran not over with JCPOA implementation

Tehran, June 12, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said although the nuclear deal with the world powers is being implemented, the hostilities of hegemonic powers agaisnt Iran are not finished.

Participating in Majlis (parliament) open session Sunday, Zarif presented a report on JCPOA implementation process, foreign investments and Economy of Resistance.

He said Iranians’ presence in the parliamentary elections was an obstacle on the way of those countries which wanted to impose their ideas on Iran.

Zarif reiterated that implementation of JCPOA does not mean that all hostilities and oppositions have been removed.

‘Despite US Congress sabotage regarding Iran’s oil, we have been successful in producing over 2 million barrels per day which is a great achievement,’ said the foreign minister.

Today, the new Majlis is holding its seventh session since it started work after the February 26 Majlis elections nationwide.