Leader condoles death of poet Hamid Sabzevari

Leader condoles death of poet Hamid Sabzevari

TEHRAN, Jun. 12 (MNA) – Iranian Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei expressed his condolences over the sad demise of the Iranian poet of Revolution Hamid Sabzevari.Here is the full text of his message:

I felt regret for the unfortunate death of Iranian Revolutionary poet Hossein Agha Momtaheni, also known as Hamid Sabzevari. The lasting and honorable name of him, is reminiscent of invaluable efforts by a hard-working and courageous artist in support of the revolution through poetry and literature.

Hamid Sabzevari, outspoken, consistent and tactful, adopted and applied his rich poems to feed the Islamic Revolution and the system emerging from it, in terms of effective and attractive poetry.

His songs and sonnets, his long poems and well-structured odes offered a considerable literary wealth to the Revolution. He lived with the Revolution, he wrote poems for the Islam and the Revolution and faithfully stayed beside the Revolution. God’s mercy and blessing upon him. I express my sincere condolences over his tragic demise to his dear family and lovers, especially the people of Sabzevar.

By Mehr News Agency