Iranian Paralympian swimmers collect 18 medals at IDM 2016

Iranian Paralympian swimmers have picked up eighteen medals, among them five gold, at the Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaften (IDM) 2016 in Germany.

On Friday and the second day of the competitions at the Schwimm-und Sprunghalle im Europa-Sportpark (SSE) indoor swimming pool in Berlin, Ali Amini and Mehdi Akbarnejad collected a gold medal each in the men’s 150-meter individual medley and men’s 100-meter freestyle heats.

Iran’s Mohammad Mohammadi also received a silver medal in men’s 50-meter backstroke.

Additionally, Amini, Akbarnejad and Mohammad Reza Rahbari settled for bronze in men’s 100-meter freestyle, men’s 50-meter backstroke and men’s 150-meter individual medley contests respectively.

The achievements came only a day after Iranian Paralympian Amini, Akbarnejad and Mohammadi participated in the men’s 100-meter butterfly and men’s 100-meter breaststroke competitions, and clinched the gold medal each.

Amini, Akbarnejad, Rahbari and Gholamhossein Sahebkar also received a silver medal in the men’s 200-meter freestyle, men’s 100-meter butterfly and men’s 100-meter breaststroke contests.

Akbarnejad, Rahbari, Sahebkar, Morteza Parsapour and Shouresh Delpasand finished third in men’s 100-meter breaststroke, men’s 200-meter freestyle and men’s 100-meter butterfly heats, and took a bronze medal each.

The Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaften (IDM) 2016 started in Germany on June 9, and will run through June 12.

Dozens of Paralympian swimmers from various countries, including Australia, Britain, Germany, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy and the United States, are participating in the tournament.

By Press TV