Smuggling of goods declined 40% in Iran: official

TEHRAN — Primary estimates show a 40 percent decline in the smuggling of gods in Iran over the past two years, Qasem Khorshidi, head of the Anti-Smuggling Headquarters said on Wednesday.

The 40 percent drop is the result of making corrective decisions in macroeconomic level, and also taking preventive measures as well as countermeasures, Khorshidi explained, IRNA news agency reported.

Firstly, the decisions made in macroeconomic issues of the country such as bringing the inflation rate under control and reducing it have led to a decrease in smuggling, he noted.

Next, the preventive measures such as increasing intelligent and online monitoring of the transit networks, limiting the transit of some specific goods, and administrating product tracking ID are of the few preventive steps taken against smuggling, he added.

And lastly, police forces increased cooperation doubled with Supreme National Security Council and armed forces supports are also the countermeasures taken to battle smuggling, Khorshidi highlighted.

Given the three aforesaid measures, he said, the $25 billion worth of smuggling reported in Iranian calendar year 1392 (March 2013-March 2014) diminished to $15 billion in the calendar year ended in March 2016.

By Tehran Times