Official: Iran will never shut down its nuclear industry

Hamedan, June 2, IRNA – Iran’s nuclear industry will never be shut down nor will it be subjected to restrictions, but it will make further progress day after day, says a senior official with the Foreign Ministry.

Hamid Baeedinejad, the managing-director of the Political and international affairs department of the Foreign Ministry, said that despite the efforts made by the G5+1, led by the United States, Iran’s nuclear industry will continue to prosper.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action does not constitute an economic deal and Iran’s negotiators did not discuss trade issues during nuclear talks, he said.

Of course, the JCPOA aimed at removing sanctions and hurdles to further development of the country, and the results of sanctions removal are quite visible.

While they sought to shut down Arak heavy water plant, now the US and Russia are main customers of Iranian heavy water, Baeedinejad said.

Although the US government believed that it would take a year for Iran to give a boost to its oil sales after the lifting of sanctions, the major increase in Iran’s oil exports in four months surprised them, he added.

But the foreign ministry official insisted that Iran, pursuing its policy of economic resistance, is planning to rely less and less on petrodollars.

The large oil income should not turn to be a weak point for the country.