Russia, Iran to launch full-scale operations of Bushehr NPP units 2-3

Russia and Iran are about to launch full-scale of operations on the construction of the second and third units of the Beshehr Nuclear Power Plant, Rosatom’s press service announced Friday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia and Iran in the next few weeks plan to solve the tasks needed for the full-scale of operations on the construction of the second and third units of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, Rosatom’s press service announced Friday.

“Issues of bilateral cooperation were the focus of consultations in regard to the Bushehr NPP construction. In particular, the fact of giving the Iranian management organs a license on the exploitation of energy unit number 1. The participants discussed in detail the tasks that need to be solved in the next few weeks to bring units 2 and 3 into full-scale operation,” the press service said in a statement.

Bushehr-1  was launched in September 2011 and reached its maximum power generation capacity in August 2012.

In September 2013, Iran officially took over from Russia the first unit of its first 1,000-megawatt nuclear power plants for two years and in November 2014 the two countries signed an agreement whereby Russia was commissioned to build another four units total.

By Sputnik