Tens of Al-Nusra terrorists killed in Hezbollah offensive

TEHRAN (FNA)- Hezbollah forces attacked an al-Nusra Front convoy in Jaroud Faleeta, killing dozens of Takfiri terrorists and destroying their armored vehicles, a Lebanese source said on Thursday.

According to the source, Hezbollah pounded al-Nusra Front’s convoy at Tulat al-Dhalil al-Aswad region which is located near the Jaroud Faleeta border-crossing into the Lebanese city of Arsal.

The attack left tens of dead and wounded among the terrorists and destroyed their vehicles and weapons.

Earlier this month, the Lebanese Army in military operations in the Jaroud Arsal region hit several targets of the ISIL terrorist group near the Syrian border, a security source said.

During the operation, the Lebanese Armed Forces fired hundreds of rockets and artillery shells at ISIL positions in Jaroud Arsal, killing and wounding a large number of militants, a security source in Beirut said.

The ISIL terrorists have been present along the Syria-Lebanon border, specially in Jaroud region, since a few months ago.

Elsewhere, the Lebanese Army’s combat choppers and artillery units opened fire at strongholds of al-Nusra Front in Northeastern Lebanon.

Al-Nusra’s depot of arms and ammunition was also targeted and destroyed in the attacks.

By Fars News Agency