Indian senior journalist: Chabahar emerges as symbol of regional trade, connectivity

New Delhi, May 26, IRNA – A senior Indian journalist believes that the recent inking of an agreement between Iran and India to develop the Iranian port of Chabahar has made this port to emerge as a symbol of the regional trade and connectivity.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA here, the Sr. international affairs correspondent of the Sahara India Media Miss Arti Bali said: “following the signing of an agreement between Iran and India, the Iranian Chabahar Port has emerged as a symbol of the regional trade and connectivity among various countries from South Asia to central Asia and the Middle-East and on wards to European continent.”

“In this context lifting of sanctions imposed by EU, the UN Security Council and the US followed by the landmark nuclear deal between Tehran and P5+1 has provided Afghanistan, India and Iran an additional opportunity for economic and security cooperation in the region and it sets an example where regional countries get involved to upgrade their economic situation without the interference of outside powers.” She added.

Terming the connectivity as a crucial element in the economic uplift of the region, the seasoned analyst of the world affairs said: “Connectivity is a cornerstone of the regional economic cooperation and integration and Indian prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Tehran is of special significance as it will boost the oil and energy cooperation between the two countries and the regional security in the wake of Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan.”

“As expected, Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United States and China will be watching the outcome of the meeting between PM Narendra Modi and Iran’s top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader who is the decision maker in all policy matters of the country. All the countries will be devising their respective implications of the meeting.”

Elaborating on the impact of the PM Modi’s Iran visit, she said: “Modi’s state visit to Iran has given a fresh momentum to India -Iran bilateral ties in the post-sanctions era as that will pave the way for huge economic activities and the thereafter the stability in the region .”

“Having enjoyed long civilizational ties, India and Iran can utilize this opportunity to cooperate in providing security and stability in the region as Rouhani Government is assisting the Syrian Government with the experts to eliminate ISIS and ensure the regional connectivity which is crucial for providing jobs in this area.”

“Iran’s proximity to key energy shipping routes will act as a main source for the region to increase trade with Europe. Iran, as a regional power, will prevent ISIS from gaining ground in Afghanistan as it will not tolerate insurgents on its eastern border and help stabilize the land locked Afghanistan following the withdrawal of the US and other coalition forces from the country at the end of 2016.” Arti Bali added.