Iran envoy rejects Israel allegations against resistance movement

Moscow, May 25, IRNA – Deputy Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Reza Seyfollahi said on Wednesday that Iran rejects calims of the Zionist regime about resistance movement.

Seyfollahi made the remark in an address to the 7th International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues in Grozny, Chechnya (May 24–25).
He was referring to the claims of the head of the Zionist delegation against anti-Zionism resistance, especially Hizbollah.

He said Lebanese Hizbollah is resisting against state terrorism of the Quds occupying regime and in defense of the oppressed Palestinian and Lebanese nations.

He went on to say that today, Hizbollah constitutes a major portion of the Lebanese people, having official presence in the government structure and supports the nation’s aspirations.

As Zionist regime’s envoy started addressing the meeting, the Iranian delegation walked out of the venue in protest at the aggressive policies of the regime.