Iraqi premier orders ‘liberalization’ of Fallujah from Daesh

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi informs the Iraqi nation of the beginning of a process for the “liberation” of the Daesh-held Fallujah city.

Nearly 70 kilometers west of the capital Baghdad, the strategic city in the Anbar province, has been suffering under the Takfiris’ control since 2014.

In a televised speech late on Sunday, the commander-in-chief announced the start of the operation, promising the nation that the “Iraqi flag will rise” again in Fallujah.

The city will return under the control of the government just like “hundreds of villages and cities and towns,” recaptured by the Iraqi soldiers, backed by Shia and Sunni fighters.

The forces tasked with battling the Takfiri terrorists in the western Iraq are “approaching a moment of great victory,” stated the prime minister.

The western town of Rutba, also in Anbar, was recently the recaptured by Iraqi forces.

The Joint Operations Command also issued a statement, declaring the start of the operation.

The Iraqi forces have been fighting to end the gruesome violence that has plagued the northern and western parts of Iraq ever since the terrorists launched an offensive in June 2014, and took control of portions of the Iraqi territory.

By Press TV