Italy returns large haul of Iran’s stolen artifacts

Tehran Museum exhibition celebrates return of 2,500 Yr old seals from US

A collection of rare Persian seals dating back to the eighth century BC have been returned to Tehran after they were smuggled to the US in 2002.

A collection of 45 ancient Persian seals will go on show in the National Museum of Iran after they were recently returned from the US.

The seals were produced during the Achaemenid Empire (c. 705-330 BC), also known as the First Persian Empire, and the Sasanian Empire (c. 224-651 AD), the fourth Iranian dynasty and Iran’s last pre-Islamic empire.

The priceless seals and some other artefacts were handed over by the US after a Supreme Court decision to return them to their place of origin, and they were given to Iranian representatives on the sidelines of a UN meeting earlier this month.

On May 7 they arrived at the museum in Tehran, and will go on display there on May 20.

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