Senior cleric commends Majlis for passing law to seek compensation from US

Tehran, May 20, IRNA – Tehran’s interim Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani commended Majlis decision to approve a law to seek compensation from the US government for the damages it inflicted on Iran over the past 50 years.

The Friday prayers leader made the remarks in his second sermon.

The religious leader expressed indignation at the routine practices of the United States and the hegemonic powers making the international community the scene of bloodshed and crimes against humanity citing the humanitarian crises in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and said that the Muslim nations should work together to restore peace and security and dignity of the mankind by collective campaign against the US comspiracies against the Muslim World.

The Friday prayers leader said that the United States is responsible for stirring up Islamophobia and Iranophobia causing damages on the Muslim nations.

Ayatollah Emami Kashani called on the Muslims all across the globe to exercise unity in the face of the enemies’ plots.

Iranian parliament made into law an act to seek compensation from the United States for initiating military takeover in 1953 to topple the popular government of prime minister Mohammad Mossadeq and bring back to power Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who had fled the country.

After the military coup, the US Central Intelligence Agency abetted to form the Shah’s secret police – SAVAK – to put the young Iranians opposing dictatorship to the death squads.

The incumbent government of Iran has been required by the families of those killed during the Shah’s monarchy to get dlrs 50 billion compensation to dissuade the US imperialism from getting involved in further bloodbath against young activists seeking democracy and the right to live in dignity.

The US Imperialism abetted the Shah secret police to set up death squads to kill the young Iranians opposing dictatorship in blatant violation of the Charter of the United Nations adopted by Conference of the United nations held in San Francisco in 1945.