Donald Trump

Republicans united against evil of socialism, back Trump

Alwaght- Now that the last remaining Republican candidates dropped out of the presidential race and opened the road for Donald Trump to be the unchallenged Republican candidate for November 2016 presidential election, the GOP’s leaders are doing their best to, at any expense, unite their party around their candidate Trump and so keep Hilary Clinton, the front running Democrat candidate, from winning the November presidential race.In the viewpoint of the American conservatives, no matter what American party they favor, win of the former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton would mean formation of the Obama administration for the third time in a row. They believe that Clinton would follow Obama’s general policies- policies that the US conservatives in America call the “evil of socialism.”

Therefore, the danger is so felt by the conservatives that they convinced themselves to have the back of a person like Donald Trump, a man who has no executive experience in politics and has taken stances that made divisions inside his party, among the US voters and also between Washington and its allies.

It seems that after the pseudo-internecine war of the GOP during the intra-party rivalry, and after many tricks have failed to drive Trump out of the presidential race track, the two sides, namely Donald Trump and the leaders of the Republican Party are on their way to reconciliation.

Perhaps the critics of Trump inside the GOP are hopeful that they could manipulate a president Donald Trump to match with the administrative structures of the US, and thus steer clear of the possible consequences of Trump’s extremism.

However, despite the underway efforts and propensity for compromise among the Republicans, there are some reasons hampering a comprehensive unity of the GOP over Trump. One of the reasons is that just unlike the US presidential candidates for a century, Donald Trump is a rich and so a financially independent candidate. This automatically enables him to make his way to the white House even without compromise with the GOP’s leaders or use of their funding. This drives Trump to be resistant against the Republican chiefs’ calls for reviewing his positions. On the other side any amendment of Trump’s radical views could cause discontent and disappointment among the most extremist US social layers- those who gathered behind him with hope of realization of his anti-refugee, anti-Islam and anti-tax hike vows.

Anyway, it should not be ignored that turning a deaf ear to the demands of GOP’s leaders at the end of the road led Trump to success in sweeping the Republican votes in the primary intra-party race. Trump was forced to amend his controversial slogans during the primary race- a move that could push Trump’s radical supporters to refrain from voting for the Republican candidate on the Election Day.

Concerning Trump’s radical and different campaign slogans, it is notable that more than any other Republican he has received the message of 2008 presidential election- an election in which a least known figure like Barack Obama got into race using “change” campaign slogan, and criticized the present-time politics and so responded to transformistic demands of US voters to make his way to the White House.

Due to his personal wealth, Donald Trump, unlike his intra-party rivals or his rivals from the Democrat Party, is not dependent on the funding of the American rich campaign supporters, and so could come cleaner in expressing his criticism and supporting his own controversial causes. But only Trump’s personal and political inclinations are not effective in his unusual popularity as a presidential candidate, rather, we must take into account the degree of disappointment of the American citizens, either Democrat or Republican, with the clichéd American politicians.

To put it another way, during the past few years- or perhaps a decade- the politicians who have tried to speak afresh and do differently have received a greater admissibility among the American public. Notably, Donald Trump has put his hands during his campaign on issues which are considered as major concerns of a large portion of US public, specifically those who advocate a conservative view in America. For example, Trump opposes the racial diversity policy and at the same time advocates strict rules against illegal immigrants coming to the US. Both of these Trump’s policies are American public demands at least in southern US regions where the country shares borders with Mexico.

Donald Trump is hopeful that he could win more endorsement through reviving conservative ideals and interests in a US community that during the recent years has crept up on a novel American neoliberalism.

By Al Waght