Iran, S. Korea to become great trade partners

Tehran, May 16, IRNA – Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mine and Agriculture Mohsen Jalalpour said that Iran and South Korea are capable of becoming great trade partners in the future as they have enjoyed remarkable ties in the past three decades.

Speaking in a meeting with Yonhap News Agency Chief Executive Officer Park No-hwang, Jalalpour said that those active in the field of Iran’s economy have become more interested in cooperating with their South Korean counterparts following the recent visit to Iran by the South Korean President which took place on May 2.

Referring to the fact that Tehran and Seoul have reached a turning point in their bilateral relations, Jalalpour stressed that there are some principles should be considered for developing bilateral relations could be considered for developing bilateral relations

‘First, we are both Asian countries and during the past decades and even centuries, there has been no tension or problem between the two countries. Secondly, Iran stands among 20 countries in the world and in the Middle East in producing knowledge while South Korea ranks 20 in innovation so the two countries can complete each other in the fields of producing knowledge and innovation.

‘Thirdly, Iran has the potential to become a production hub in the region thanks to its geographical osition, therefore, South Korea can stabilize its presence in the regional markets through continuous cooperation with Iran.’

Jalalpour also stressed that the two countries can work on ‘joint projects’ including for building an industrial town of renewable energy in Iran, making cars since Korea is a well-known brand in Iran and making joint ventures in third countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.