Iranian DM: No plan to purchase Russian S-400

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan underlined that purchase of the Russian made S-400 air defense missile system is not on Iran’s agenda.

“We do not intend to buy S-400 air defense missile system,” Brigadier General Dehqan said, addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Saturday held to commemorate Hezbollah’s military chief Mustafah Badreddin who was killed in Syria on Friday.

He, meantime, pointed to the plots hatched by the US and its allies in the region, and said, “We are witnessing the plots hatched by the US and the Zionist regime in cooperation with Saudi Arabia in a bid to strike a blow at the Islamic resistance by mobilizing and organizing ignorant people from around the world.”

Brigadier General Dehqan also referred to the Syrian crisis, specially in Aleppo province, and said, “The terrorists’ attacks led by the Al-Nusra Front on Khan Touman came at a time when there was a ceasefire and the Syrian government troops were committed to it.”

He reiterated that the resistance forces will stand up and certainly take back control over Khan Touman soon.

The Iranaian Defense Minister pointed to the martyrdom of Hezbollah’s military chief, and said Martyr Mostafa Badreddin was a courageous warrior and fully skillful commander dedicated to Hezbollah.

Early reports had suggested that the commander, 55, was assassinated in an Israeli airstrike.

He was the commander of Hezbollah’s military wing which is helping the Syrian government drive out foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists from the country.

Badreddin also directed military operations against the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and was a frequent target of attempts by Israel, the US and its allies in the Middle-East to assassinate or capture him.

Israel is widely known to have been supporting terrorists fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

By Fars News Agency