West adopts intentional Islamophobic policy

Alwaght- In his recent speech on the conspiracies being organized against the Muslim world, the Leader of Islamic Revolution of Iran Sayyed Ali Khamenei has said that the US not only was the major supporter of the terrorism across the world but also it worked with the West to push a war against the East and Islam to divert the Muslim world and empty it of its real themes.

“The most significant responsibility of the Muslim world is to thwart such a US-led Western ignorant approach” added Ayatollah Khamenei, trying to draw a line between the genuine Islamic approach which was followed by the Islamic Republic of Iran after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 led by the late leader of Iran Imam Khomeini and which is still moving ahead, and, on the other side, the ignorance movement which is pushed by the West with a US leadership.

How could be documented that the West uses the strategy of Islamophobia and also Muslimophibia? Why is it seen as an intended goal of the West?

It must be taken into account that the Islamophobia policy adopted by the West is a prevalent attitude based on a plan with clear intentions. Furthermore, the circulation of enmity of Islam is considered as an approach adopted by the West even before the Crusades. There are some reasons to such a claim:

– Muhammad Asad, the Jewish-born Austrian writer and journalist of the twentieth century, who converted to Islam and whose original name was Leopold Weiss and was changed after conversion to Islam, has written in his book Islam at the Crossroads that the European hateful stance towards Islam and the Muslims did not come by chance as it was the case with their standings towards other cultures and religions, rather, it is a deep-rooted hatred mostly originating from severe bigotry- something that could be proven with a return to the history, and we would figure out that Europe was born out of the Crusades.

– The inherited hatred has transmitted from Europe to the US, this is, too, provable through what was written in the history, and what was asserted by Eugene V, Restow, the US undersecretary of state for political affairs and also the adviser of the Middle East affairs under US President Lyndon B. Johnson by 1967. Restow said that the historical conditions prove that the US was a complement to the Western world with all its philosophy, beliefs and system. This is what makes Washington stand enemy to the Eastern Muslim world and to its philosophy and beliefs which are represented by Islam. Restow added that the US could not step out of the anti-Islam camp. It needed to be beside the West and the Israeli regime, otherwise; it ignored its language, philosophy, culture and its administrations, according to Restow.

Thereby, we find out that Islamophobia is not novel, rather, it has started since a long time ago. But how could we give reasons for that through delving into contemporary political history?

The rhetoric of the blind aversion is not hidden in the new period of history, rather, it has begun to develop even more complicated and influential. Here are the evidences:

-William Ewart Gladstone, the former prime minister of Britain who served at the post for four separate terms, alleged that as long as there was Quran in the hands of the Muslims, Europe could not dominate the East. This proves that distorting image of Islam does not happen for the simple reason of sole distortion, rather, it comes from a Western belief that the destruction of Islam is the secret to gaining control over the East and the Muslim world. This ideology kept present in the Western mind even up to the late twentieth century and after breakup of the former Soviet Union- the time that the reality of the Western plans for the Muslim world has begun to appear obviously. The former NATO Secretary-General Willy Claes in an interview with the British newspaper The Independent talked about the threats posed by Islam and the Muslims as one of the most important challenges the West had to deal with after the collapse of the communist Soviet Union and disappearance of the communist ideology danger.

– Since then and up to the presidency of George W. Bush in 2001, the Western hatred of Islam and the Muslims kept coming to the surface day after day. When launched his military campaign against Afghanistan and then Iraq, President Bush called the war the Crusades. The signs of distortion of the truth have begun to appear through the US’ propaganda for anti-terror war by calling the Muslims as terrorists.

This was proven by a report published by the US Center for Global Development in 2011. Titled Fears Inc. The Roots of Islamophobia Network in America, the report has disclosed some information about the American sides that support this “industry”, the funding sources and also the influences they had on the US community. The report also uncovered a small group “comprised of misleading experts” who work round the clock to supply millions of the Americans with false information about Islam. This activity was proven to be conducted by some US institutes during ten years. The foundations that fund the misleading experts include, according to the report, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Newton and Rochelle Becker Family Foundation, Richard Mellon Scaife Foundation, the Russel Berrie Foundation, the William Rosenwald Family Fund and the Overbrook Foundation. These foundations have managed to provide about $42 million during the recent years.

– After the US administration came up with the notion that its presence in the Middle East and leading the war against Islam was too costly, it decide to change policy and involve others in its proxy war. Furthermore, it mobilized the Muslims’ powers to battle Islam under the excuse of anti-terror fight.

This is understandable from the speech of the US President Barack Obama in January 2015 when he said that the US would stand beside the victims of terrorism across the globe from the schools in Pakistan to the streets of Paris, adding that Washington would keep chasing the terrorists and destroying their networks. The US president continued that instead of US army’s patrolling the Afghan streets Washington trained Afghanistan’s security forces which would take over the duties. The US also works with West Asian and North African states to prevent the terrorists who pose threat to the US from finding safe havens, according to President Obama.

Now the picture is clearer and so we can figure out the essence of the speech of Iran’s leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei. The attempts to establish the terrorists as a reality of Islam comes as part of the mentioned Western scenario. All these urge an attention to the genuine Islam in the face of US-advocated ignorance to hold it back from distorting Islam’s image. This is possible through consolidating the Islamic unity and understanding the US as the top enemy in the anti-terror fight. Finally, it can be concluded from Iran’s leader speech and the historical realities that Islamophobia is a purposely Western policy.

By Alwaght