Vaezi & Mahir Ünal

Turkey, Iran, against cross-regional intervention in ME

TEHRAN, May 12 (MNA) – Iranian and Turkish officials stressed confronting disintegration and interventionism in Middle East.“The policies of Iran and Turkey are quite clear that these two countries do not allow disintegration of, change of borders of, or foreign intervention in the domestic affairs of the Middle-Eastern countries,” said Iranian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi, in his Thursday meeting with the visiting Turkey’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mahir Ünal, in Tehran.

Iranian minister of communication and IT held that after Islamic Awakening in the region, ‘those who found their interests endangered, started backfiring, with stirring war between the people of the region, change of borders, and disintegrating countries.’

“Although Iran is after balance in tourism relation with Turkey, but the current administration of Iran’ government advocates the increase of Iran-Turkey flights,” said Vaezi, touching upon the issue of tourism.

He also said that after the decision made by presidents of Iran and Turkey, a joint committee is to be formed by the embassies of both countries, to list the problems ahead of developing relations, and suggest resolutions for.

“To bolster cultural and touristic interactions, stability and security are needed,” underlined the Iranian minister referring to cultural, historical, and civil commonalities between the two countries.

Vaezi lamented the numerous crises in the region naming the spread of extremism and Takfirism.

“Takfiri and extremist ideologies hinder the true understanding of Islam for the world, and it has even burdened pain and difficulty for the Muslims of the region,” said the Iranian senior official.

Saying that Iran, and Turkey both oppose terrorism, he referred to President Rouhani’s latest visit to Ankara where he condemned any terrorist move in Turkey.

By Mehr News Agency