Hezbollah dismisses reports of Israeli strike on its convoy

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement on Wednesday denied reports that Israel targeted one of its convoys along the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Israeli media claimed on Tuesday that the Tel Aviv regime’s “air force carried out a number of strikes against Hezbollah positions close to the Syria-Lebanon border.”

In a statement published by Lebanon’s Al-Ahd news website, Hezbollah dismissed the reports as baseless.

According to the reports, Israel’s airstrikes were carried out as the Hezbollah convoy departed from the border area, apparently into Lebanon.

Back in January 2015, the resistance movement killed two Israeli soldiers in an attack on an Israeli convoy in northern occupied territories.

The attack was carried out in retaliation for an Israeli strike earlier in January that left several top members of Hezbollah dead.

By Tasnim News Agency