US seizure of Iran’s assets must not go unanswered

TEHRAN, May 10 (MNA) – Iran’s parliament speaker condemned seizure of around $2 billion in frozen assets recently authorized by a US court ruling and said the rudeness will not be left unanswered.

Speaking at the beginning of an open session of the Parliament, Ali Larijani said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) should seriously pursue the case through The Hague.

Larijani criticized the United States approach in robbing Iran’s assets and called it a clear violation of international laws. “The case should be seriously pursued through The Hague,” he added.

Stressing that the US rudeness should not be left unanswered, Ali Larijani urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to seriously pursue the case through The Hague and to defend the rights of the Iranian nation.

He also called for Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) to seriously follow up the case.

Condemning the crimes of terrorist groups in Syria, Larijani said West and US military assistance to the terrorists in Syria is dismal.

Larijani criticized Western governments saying “the terrorist committed crimes during the ceasefire in Syria indicating that the plan of ceasefire and organizing arms shipments to Syria, which has recently been implemented by the West, is a suspected case.”

“Plot of ceasefire and organizing arms shipments to Syria by European countries was in line with their plans for greater achievements in forced and formal talks,” Larijani added.

Parliament speaker underlined that the West and the US are at the end of their rope on the crimes committed by al-Nusra Front and the ISIL terrorist groups, however they send weapons to Syria for tactical exploitation.

“They must know that terrorists who hold Western weapons will shoot at westerners themselves,” he added.

By Mehr News Agency