Iran ready to launch ‘Mesbah’ and ‘Friendship’ satellites

Tehran, May 10, The Iran Project – Head of the Iranian Space Organization has announced that Iran has got its latest indigenous developed satellites, named ‘Friendship’ and ‘Mesbah’, ready to be launched into the orbit.

The two Iranian satellites of ‘Mesbah’ and ‘Friendship’ are ready to be sent into the orbit, said head of Iran’s Space Organization, Mohsen Bahrami at the meeting of senior managers on Tuesday.

Speaking about the Iranian ‘Mesbah’ satellite, Bahrami added that it has been held under seizure by Italy due to the sanctions imposed on Tehran over its peaceful nuclear program, but we are engaged in talks to take the satellite back.

Mesbah is Iran’s domestically-made satellite that was sent to Italy to conduct final research studies in 2003 but it was confiscated there due to sanctions, the satellite is one of the most advanced communication satellite in the country. it weighs 75 kilograms and is designed to circle the Earth 14 times a day

The satellite was designed and developed over 10 years ago in cooperation with an Italian company, he said earlier.

He referred to the country’s progress in the field of satellite technology and said we are now designing the satellites ‘Mesbah-2’ and Nahid (Venus).

Considering the Supreme Leader’s remarks, we have been attempting to get access to new technology in space, said the top space official.

Iran has recently made great headway in manufacturing satellites thanks to the efforts made by its local scientists.