Tehran, Paris sign medical cooperation deal

TEHRAN, May 08 (MNA) – Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Assistance Publique– Hôpitaux de Paris have signed a cooperation agreement.

Ali Jafarian and Didier Houssin were signatories to the deal signed on Sunday in Tehran during a meeting where both sides presented a brief description of educational system and discussed academic exchange programs and holding joint training sessions.

Dr. Jafarian told the meeting that Paris complex of hospitals had been serving the nation for more than a century; “I visited Professor Houssin on last autumn when we agreed on the possible ways of bilateral cooperation; now we discuss the details of that agreement,” he added. “Tehran and Paris will work together in a host of topics including hospital management practices, infectious diseases, modern techniques in genetics, and emergency and disasters.”

“The agreement provisions a conference to be held in next August on Hospital Management Practices where Paris is invited to participate; the deal also will improve academic and scientific exchanges between Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Paris Complex of Hospitals,” Jafarian concluded.

By Mehr News Agency