Tehran-Madrid direct flights negotiated

TEHRAN, May 09 (MNA)) – Iran’s deputy-minister of economic affairs has said potentials in Iran-Spain economic relations have not been realized.

Mohammad Khazaei who was speaking to the press on Monday after a meeting with Spanish Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Cristóbal González-Aller Jurado, said that the meeting had addressed direct flight between Tehran and Madrid, joint ventures in manufacturing automobile parts, and tourism; “the trade volume with Spain had been once $2bn; however, it suffered a decline in recent years and considerable effort is needed to restore it to a satisfactory level,” he told the press.

The head of Iranian Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance also mentioned insurance as one important field between Iran and Spain where Spanish companies could provide insurance policies for investors and entrepreneurs working in Iranian settings; “in 2011 the volume of trade declined further and we should work to improve it to at least $3bn. The potentials of trade are far beyond the present level; for that objective to be attained, both sides should work to improve trade and facilitate banking interactions and mechanisms,” Khazaei concluded.

By Mehr News Agency