Hama: ISIL sustains heavy losses in Syrian airstrikes

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian fighter jets pounded several ISIL military convoys 40 kilometers from the city of Hama on Sunday, inflicting heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorists.

The ISIL’s military and armored vehicles were destroyed in Maqla al-Vazihi near the village of Aqirbat.

Scores of ISIL terrorists were killed and wounded in the Syrian airstrikes on their convoys, army reports cited.

The Syrian fighter jets also destroyed the terrorists’ military positions in Maqla al-Vazihi region, combat reports said.

In a relevant development on Saturday, the Syrian warplanes struck the terrorist groups’ gatherings in the Northern and Northwestern parts of Hama province, pinning the militants down behind their strongholds and blocking their military-logistic movements.

Terrorist groups’ positions near the small town of Kafr Zita and the village of al-Sayaad were badly bombed in three separate combat flights by the Syrian fighter jets.

Several militants were killed and several more were wounded in the air raids, which also slowed down the militants’ military movements.

In the meantime, the Syrian Army’s artillery units continued to shell strongholds of Jund al-Aqsa in Morek and al-Lataminah regions, which ended in the killing or wounding of several militants.

Earlier this week, the Syrian army and the popular forces repelled terrorists’ attacks on military bases in al-Masasna and Bou’aideh regions in the Northern part of Hama province.

The Takfiri terrorists were pushed back from the surrounding areas of al-Masasna and Bou’aideh regions in Northern Hama.

Scores of Takfiri militants were killed and wounded in the army attacks on their positions.

The Syrian fighter jets, meantime, pounded the terrorist’s positions in al-Aliyeh and the Eastern part of Ithriya-Khanasser Road in the Northeastern part of Hama province, destroying the terrorists’ military vehicles.

By Fars News Agency