AEOI spokesman: Agreements with IAEA in line with parliament’s strategic law, ‘access to people’ not discussed

Nuclear scientists’ interview allowed ‘in limited scale’

TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) – Spokesman of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has not ruled out interviews with Iran’s nuclear scientists in limited scale.

Behrouz Kamalvandi was reacting on Wednesday to speculations in the media about the airing of the first episode of a series of interviews by foreign media outlets with Iranian nuclear scientists; “limited interviews with our nuclear scientists would not violate any regulations; even if it is in English, it is legally allowed, however in limited scale,” he told the press. “The interviews will send a certain message to international audience. Interviews have been with Arabic and English language media and should not be dubbed large-scale interview which would trespass to the realm of espionage,” he added.

An announcement of a documentary series in the HBO (Home Box Office) a cable TV in the US was the subject matter of the concerns over interviews of Iranian nuclear scientists. The very fact of the interview had been challenged and opposed by Iranian officials on the grounds that the interviews might expose national security-related material and confidential issues which would be abused by the foreign intelligence services.

By Mehr News Agency