Rouhani: Education growth necessary to achieve values of Islamic Revolution

TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that we want to achieve values of Islamic Revolution and the development of our country certainly starts with the development of education.

Speaking during the ceremony to celebrate National Teacher’s Day on martyrdom anniversary of Ayatollah Morteza Motahari held on Wednesday, Rouhani said “Today we need to illustrate different aspects of Islamic culture and the Islamic Revolution; martyr Motahari’s books and works are the most comprehensive courses to his thoughts for the correct understanding of the Islamic Revolution.”

“Shahid Motahari called Revolutionary Islam a big threat against Islamic Revolution,” underlined Rouhani, noting “Islamic Revolution means great social, economic and political mobility in a society on the basis of Islam and Islamic values; however, revolutionary Islam is setting the basis on revolution and fighting and accepts just parts of Islam benefiting these goals.”

Calling Holy Prophet Muhammad the teacher of all people towards wisdom and intellect, Rouhani assured “someday we will be proud that our society’s education is better than other nations.”

President Rouhani, noting the importance of learning foreign languages, said the schools all around the country must diversify and qualify the teaching of foreign languages and especially any language that conveys deeper knowledge. “Learning a new language means a new window to global knowledge and understanding,” said he.

To clarify the importance of strengthening hope within the community, Rouhani asserted nothing is worth more than hope for the future of our country.

“If our young generation misses hope, we can never achieve development,” Rouhani said calling JCPOA as one of the most important factors in developing hope among the younger nation of the country.

Rouhani said the educational system must provoke hope, unity, balance and positive energy. “If we are concerned about culture, we have to focus on improving education and training budget.”

Underlining that JCPOA was a way to promote unity and development, President Rouhani said his government has doubled the education and training budget, despite the bottlenecks.

By Mehr News Agency