Leader’s top aide slams West’s divisive plots for Syria, Iraq

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Supreme Leader’s Top Advisor for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati blasted the plots hatched by the Western countries and their regional allies to disintegrate Syria and Iraq.

“The mischiefs (by western countries) aimed at disintegrating Syria and Iraq will not materialize due to the vigilance of the axis of resistance,” Velayati said in a meeting with UN Special Envoy for Iraq Yan Kubish in Tehran on Sunday.

The leader’s top aide called on the advocates of fighting terrorism to show serious resolve in fighting the terrorists.

He reiterated that as the senior Iranian officials had predicted the West’s support for the terrorist groups eventually backfired.

In a relevant development in March, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said terrorism and extremism are global problems and tackling the two threats needs global action involving all nations.

Also in March, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that terrorism has created a lot of problems for the world community and Europe has to come up with a new and comprehensive formula to battle it.

In relevant remarks in December, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underlined the need for cooperation among the world countries to uproot the terrorist groups.

“I hope that we would see, through efforts and more cooperation among the world countries, the restoration of daily-growing peace and security, elimination of discrimination and eradication of terrorism across the globe,” President Rouhani said.

By Fars News Agency