Iran will retake its money from US: Velayati

Tehran, March 1, IRNA – Head of Expediency Council Strategic Research Center Ali Akbar Velayati said on Sunday that the Americans will not be able to swindle Iran out of the two billion dollars it has blockaded and Iran will retake its money.

He made the remarks after a meeting with UN secretary general representative on Iraqi affairs in response to a question by a reporter about US illegal action to seize Iran’ funds.

Iran has on several occasions proved that it will never allow any country including the US to violate its nation’s rights, he said, noting, ‘As we succeeded in taking back the 1.7 billion dollars of Iranian righteous assets, we will certainly do the same in this respect.’

The Islamic Republic also managed to hold the US government responsible for in the international courts in the case of Airbus where 300 innocent Iranian passengers were martyred, he said.

Velayati said that there many legitimate ways for Iran to restore its rights and it will never spare any measure in this respect.

‘We are sure that the Americans will not be able to take the blockaded money from Iran’s bag and we will take back the money,’ he said.

As to the Iraqi recent developments, he said that any illegal measure taken in any country will be confronted by the nation of that country.

In a civilized country such as Iraq whose nation has proved that they can defend their country and solve their problems, any illegal step taken by any group will certainly be thwarted by the Iraqi nation.

The Iraqi nation will withstand any violation of security and law breaking in the country, he said.

The Iraqi nation enjoy political maturity and will respond to those violating their national security, Velayati said.